PAWER is a brand of Numeko Technologies under umbrella of Numeko Group.
Pawer supplies professional audio & video systems, satellite systems, security systems, power supplies, led display & lighting and many electronic products & spare parts from far east countries such as China, Hong-Kong, Taiwan and realizes domestic sales.
Pawer responses market needs and expectations to make life easier, to make it safe and to add quality with its product portfolio.
We are targeting to become well-known brand in the future, as it is preferred today, by enriching its product portfolio under the Pawer brand in accordance with customer expectations and expanding our service network.

OUR GOAL: By offering innovative approaches and solutions resulting from the combination of technology and human elements, it is to facilitate human life and prepare safer tomorrows for them.

OUR TODAY: We follow a management approach that is people-oriented, that invests in the technologies of the future, and which is innovative, open to improvement, based on our ethical values. We draw a sustainable growth chart at the right time, with the right steps and investments, by setting measurable and worthwhile goals. We take care to create awareness in every field and we work in this direction. We bear the responsibility of being a pioneer in the sectors we are in, by providing operational excellence with optimum solutions.

OUR TOMORROW: We enrich our product portfolio by integrating our know-how and market experience with new technologies and services. We attach importance to develop new products that will carry us higher in international markets. We strive to be one of the important players of the world with our innovative and dynamic structure open for development. We aim to develop our production strategies that make a difference and keep our technological infrastructure at a high level and make them sustainable.

OUR VALUES: Our most important value is our human resources. Each of them are an expert in their field; It stems from the quality of our colleagues who always prioritize respect, participation, solidarity, and the "we" culture. Our corporate culture, which prioritizes our social values​and internalizes being sensitive, sharing and taking responsibility, is one of our indispensable principles.